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Introduction to Siemens PLC

Course Dates

Tia Portal - V13 Siemens S7


Maintenance engineers who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of PLCs integrated into electrical control systems



 By the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Work safely on modern industrial electrical / electronic equipment

  • Understand how PLCs are incorporated in modern automated systems

  • Interpret ladder logic programmes

  • Identify, understand and deal with faults from PLC driven circuits



Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

·        Identification of the
PLC hardware

·        How to navigate through
the programming package

·        How to communicate to
the PLC

·        Understanding physical I/O

·        Creating I/O tags and watch

·        Interpreting bit instructions

·        Understanding the ladder logic structure

·        Interpreting timer

·        Interpreting counter instructions

·       Downloading and uploading programmes

·       Forcing and toggling I/O

·       Understanding the online programme edits

·       Troubleshooting digital I/O

·       Fault finding on PLC driven circuits

·       Scaling analogue inputs from a range of sensors

·        Interpret scaled values to control outputs

·       Create programmes to speed control ac motors via an inverter

 Delegates will gain knowledge and experience through ‘hands on’ practice as well as discussion and demonstrations.



 Internal written and practical assessment



 3 days

Ref: 00037

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Introduction to Siemens PLC

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