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Skills Analysis

Need to assess engineering competences?
Let our experts analyse your teams’ technical skills, knowledge, attitude and aptitude.

Engineers partaking in skills analysis
Engineers during skills analysis
Young female maintenance engineer testing voltage with digital multimeter

What is Skills Analysis?

The skills analysis service provides an impartial process to benchmark engineers and to enable appropriate training and development plans to be implemented.

Individual engineer assessment reports are generated on completion. These clearly identify current capabilities and highlight gaps in their skills and knowledge. A group summary report is provided for comparison of individual competences, recognition of whole group capability and indicates potential ‘critical points of failure’.

Assessments can be carried out onsite or at MGTS.

Programmes include:

Maintenance engineer in factory installing the engine

Who is it for?

The MGTS Skills Analysis Programme has been developed to provide comprehensive assessment of engineering maintenance personnel competences with adaptation for technical process operator competencies.

Where the candidate’s current technical skills, knowledge, attitude and aptitude are required to be assessed for recruitment, development or promotion purposes this programme will provide objective assessment data.

Hand of electrician with multimeter probe at electrical switchgear cabinet

Investing in staff

Skills analysis activity facilitates the development of the necessary engineering skills and knowledge to meet site requirements, either with existing engineering staff upskilling plans or technical operator training. Benefits of investing in an engineering skills development strategic programme include:

  • Improved production efficiencies
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced contractor engagement
  • Cost savings
  • Continuous improvement
  • Improved employee satisfaction and morale
The front of MGTS Redditch


Our team of experts have been honing the MGTS Skills Analysis process for over 25 years. We work in partnership with our clients to establish training and development solutions tailored to site requirements.

  • MGTS has a proven track record in assisting companies in recruiting the most suitable candidates for engineering roles
  • We have assessed over 8,000 engineers
  • Assessments have been developed in partnership with a number of Maintenance Managers across several industry sectors

Fine Lady Bakeries have been working in partnership with MGTS for over 8 years. They have delivered professional and workable training to our apprentices, fulfilling our business requirements. The team at MGTS have devised bespoke training for our current engineers and management, which was extremely well received and successful. We look forward to many more years of this partnership, bringing young people into industry.

Adrian Holloway

Adrian Holloway

Assistant Engineering Manager and Apprentice Mentor

Our dairy industry like any other in the UK is faced with a massive engineering skills shortage needed to drive efficiency, innovation and productivity. Arla Foods has worked with MGTS for the past 10 years and welcomes the huge investment and commitment that they are putting into increasing training capacity and infrastructure

Naboth Tinarwo

Naboth Tinarwo

Senior Consultant Supply Chain L&D

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