Manufacturers are required to work to maximum capacity or risk losing their market share in today's fast-paced, competitive marketplace.  For a plant to achieve full potential its technical staff need to possess and apply high levels of mechanical, electrical, fabrication and other specialist competences.

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Where courses are under subscribed MGTS may cancel or re-arrange a course at their discretion. Customers will be notified no later than 10 working days prior to the planned commencement date. MGTS accepts customer cancellations without charge up to 7 days prior to commencement of training. Cancellation less than 7 days will incur a 50% course fee. Transfers to alternative course dates will not incur any additional charge to the customer.

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  • Skills 4 Growth

  • Skills 4 Growth

    Skills 4 Growth - Engineering and Technical Skills




    Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth will support eligible SMEs to improve engineering and technical skills amongst their workforce.


    A range of Level 2 qualifications and units of accreditation have been developed to enable employees to develop and demonstrate competence in a range of engineering and technical roles: 

    • Fabrication and Welding

      The qualification covers manual welding; MMA, TIG and MMA processes. Sheet metal plate work covers 3 mm or less and 3 mm and more.


    • Engineering Maintenance and Installation

      This qualification involves the skills and knowledge needed for occupations in engineering maintenance, including the ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems.


    • Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering [MME]

      MME covers the operation of lathes, milling machines and CNC machines. 

      The units provide a framework to address skills, knowledge and

      understanding in a variety of manufacturing engineering activities.


    • Performing Manufacturing Operations [PMO]

      PMO is designed to enable employees to develop and demonstrate

      occupational competence in manufacturing activities specific to

      their job role.


      Cost - £830; funding of 50% of cost available for eligible companies.
      Contact Kim Biggins on 024 7663 0333 / for further detail and eligibility

  • Skills 4 Growth

    Skills 4 Growth - Manager Development


    Leadership and Management

    Manager Development Level 3


    Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth will support eligible SMEs to improve team leader, supervisory and management skills amongst their workforce.


    A range of Level 3 specific topic units are available. The single topic sessions include: 

    • Health and safety in the workplace

    • Managing team performance

    • Principles of leadership and management

    • Principles of people management

    • Implementing change

    • Managing a project

    • Delivering a presentation

    • Managing conflict within a team

      Cost - £400; funding of 50% of cost
      available for eligible companies.

      Contact Frances Lee on 07725995765 / for further detail and eligibility

  • Skills 4 Growth

    Skills 4 Growth - Team Leader

    Leadership and Management - Team Leader Level2


    Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth will support eligible SMEs to improve team leader, supervisory and management skills amongst their workforce.


    This 6-day release programme has been developed to focus on the core aspect of the team leader role, function and responsibility as well as developing practical motivational and day-to-day leadership activities.


    Course outline: 

    • Developing yourself as a team leader

    • Developing the work team

    • Understanding leadership

    • Leading your work team

    • Understanding effective team working

    • Improving performance of the work team

    • Planning and monitoring work

    • Setting team objectives

    • Workplace communication

    • Understanding conflict management in the workplace

    • Maintaining health, safety and environment in the workplace


      Cost - £1,068; funding of 50% of cost available for eligible companies.
      Contact Frances Lee on 07725995765 / for further detail and eligibility

  • Health and Safety

    PUWER Regulations & Risk Assessment

    Who should participate?

    The programme is appropriate for employees associated with the purchase, use and maintenance of all types of work equipment including machinery, plant and processing equipment and to any person involved in the installation, use or operation of lifting equipment.

    Programme Benefits

    The training programme will develop the delegate’s knowledge and understanding of the PUWER regulations and enable them to carry out risk assessments in line with these requirements.

    The programme will cover:

    Health & Safety Legislation
    Health & Safety at Work Act (HASAWA)
    Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations (MHSWR)
    Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
    Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)
    Introduction and Main Provisions of PUWER & LOLER
    Guarding of Work Equipment
    Inspection and Maintenance of Work Equipment
    Risk Assessment Procedures
    Introduction and background to risk assessment
    Risk assessments must be “suitable and sufficient”
    Hazards in use of work equipment
    General guidance when risk assessing work equipment
    Reduction of risks during maintenance
    Hierarchy of control measures
    Monitoring and review of risk assessments
    Summary and Discussion

    Duration: 1 day

  • Health and Safety

    IOSH Managing Safely



    The course is designed for Personnel who are required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both health and safety legislation and their organisation’s policy.  Participants will have the opportunity to achieve the IOSH ‘Managing Safely’ Award, whilst receiving practical comprehensive knowledge in the process.


    The programme addresses the health and safety training needs of the non-expert.





    • Managing Safely will provide delegates with an appreciation of developments in health and safety legislation and consequent changes in practice

    • Employees will gain a nationally recognised and respected certificate in IOSH Managing Safely

    • Delegates will acquire knowledge based on what they need to know in practice, to ensure their company complies with the HSE’s legal expectations and comprehensive reference material to take away.





    • Reasons for Managing Safely
    • Assessing Risks
    • Controlling Risks
    • Understanding your responsibilities
    • Identifying Hazards
    • Investigating Accidents and Incidents
    • Measuring Performance
    • Protecting our Environment


    ‘Managing Safely’ involves 25 - 30 hours of directed study and can be tailored to meet individual organisations’ needs.  It provides a sound working introduction to the specific requirements of the  NEBOSH General Certificate, which has a well-proven track record for Managers and others who require more than just an overall ‘awareness’.


    The course is assessed with a combined written and multi-choice examination paper, along with a workplace project



    DURATION:  4 days

  • Multi-skilling

    Site Electrical Duty Holder



    It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for serious and imminent danger in the workplace with respect to electricity, a competent person shall be nominated to implement the electrical procedures, that person is the ‘Electrical Duty Holder’




    Outline of Health & Safety Legislation

    HASAWA – outline

    Electricity at Work Regulations


    Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulation

    Explanation of the Relevance of BS 7671:2008 [ACOP]  

    Responsibilities of Duty Holders

    Safe Working Systems

    Training and Supervision of Staff

    Producing Maintenance, Inspection and Testing Programmes

    Ensuring Electrical Equipment is Fit for Purpose

    Ensuring Adequate Working Space Access and Lighting Levels

    Provision of Information Necessary to Avoid Dangers

    Supervision of Contractors and Sub-Contractors


    Regulation 8 – Information and Instructions


    Regulation 14 – Employee’s Duties

    Electricity at Work Regulations

    Regulation 3 – Employer and Employee Duties

    Regulation 4 – System Construction Maintenance, Work Activity and Protective Equipment

    Regulation 5 – Strength and Capability

    Regulation 6 – Adverse / Hazardous Environment

    Regulations 7 and 8 – Shock Protection

    Regulation 10 – Connections

    Regulation 11 – Overcurrent Protection

    Regulation 12 – Isolation

    Regulation 13 – Work on Equipment Made Dead

    Regulation 14 – Work on Live Equipment

    Regulation 15 – Workspace Access and Lighting

    Regulation 16 – Competence

    BS 7671:2008 Significance:

    Fixed Wiring

    Additions and Alterations

    Initial Verification

    Periodic Inspection and Testing 


    Duty Holder’s Responsibilities to Contractors

    Contractors – Safe Working Practice

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