All our Apprentice employer partners are assigned a dedicated Training & Development Adviser (TDA) for the duration of the apprenticeship to support both the Company and the Apprentice.

Owen Needles, a representative from one of our longstanding customers says: “Heller has a history with MGTS that goes back to 2013 when their Redditch site opened. The location is perfect for our Apprentices to get to, with exemplary onsite training and facilities. However, I believe what sets MGTS above the rest is the support of the TDA.

“Heller relies heavily on the expertise of the MGTS TDA to maximise our Apprentices’ academic and practical qualifications. Their knowledge of the ever changing world of government requirements and criteria required to satisfy the relevant standards, is vital for Heller. It allows us to focus on our own in-house training, knowing we get the balance right for each Apprentice.”

Steve Palmer (MGTS Director of Delivery & Development) comments: “The TDA service is an extremely important function in the pursuit of training and developing Apprentices into fully qualified, competent engineers. This can only be achieved by a genuine and supportive partnership between the learner, Site Mentor and the MGTS TDA.

“Our team of highly experienced, industry credible engineers have a passion and drive for learners to succeed. Their focus is to ensure that all achieve their full potential whatever the chosen Pathway.”

Finally, from Les Jones of Owen Mumford: “It is the flexibility, innovative methods and care for the learner that make MGTS my Training Provider of choice. The service I get from my TDA at MGTS is outstanding. His knowledge and guidance coupled with well thought out SMART targets has ensured all my Apprentices have completed the criteria for their apprenticeship in good time. This has allowed them sufficient time to focus on their impending End Point Assessments.”