Congratulations to our Food and Drink Engineering Maintenance apprentices (from Morrisons, The Kraft Heinz Company and Saputo Inc.) who recently completed a 5-day programme delivered by The Outward Bound Trust UK in Eskdale.

Apprentices had the opportunity to reflect on their achievements and learning through final presentations and Kristel Kemp of the Outward Bound Trust commented: “I loved listening to the apprentices’ story-telling about their leaps in confidence, teamwork, relationships, communication and personal wellbeing. They’d had a BIG week and will take home learning and friendships to last a lifetime!”

Jamie Gordon, one of the Outward Bound trainers at Eskdale said: “We put together a programme that not only looked at the behaviours and traits needed to complete a modern apprenticeship but also, shine a spotlight on how anyone can be empowered to perform an act of leadership, alongside how we can be proactive in maintaining our personal levels of wellbeing, whether it be through strengthening our relationships, or by acknowledging our achievements.

“I feel this course may have been a turning point for me. A move from knowing what we do at the Outward Bound Trust increases people’s levels of wellbeing implicitly, to explicitly making people more aware of how and why this is happening for them and most importantly, how they can replicate these result back at home. Whether it be through trying to take a little more time out in nature or looking at how they can strengthen the relationships of those around them.”

Steve Palmer, Director of Delivery & Development at MGTS tell us: “I visited on the last day of the newly developed 5-day programme to witness the tangible growth of all the apprentices that attended. The distance travelled and personal challenges overcome by each apprentice in a relatively short space of time was evident to see. Credit to all the apprentices for embracing the opportunity wholeheartedly and for the presentations delivered which articulated what they had personally taken from the programme.

Well done to everyone involved!