After several weeks of qualifying heats, the final of the MGTS Car Challenge recently took place with lots of excitement and enthusiasm from all involved.

The Challenge is one element of the MGTS Personal Skills and Development Award, introduced for the 2022-23 cohort of apprentices, aimed to develop a range of skills and behaviours.

The Brief

  • Produce 3 designs for rubber band powered cars using everyday materials that can safely carry one large egg
  • Cost the design build
  • Manufacture the chosen design
  • Test the model
  • Present to management

Richard Telford one of the Technical Trainers involved with the Challenge told us: “The apprentices enjoyed the opportunity to stretch their imagination in terms of designing their cars and overcoming various challenges to meet the brief. It was interesting watching their competitive spirit come out and how secretive they became once they’d found solutions to problems. Also, some apprentices had to work within Pathway groups different to their own and it was good to see how well they worked together in exchanging ideas.”

Adrian Simkiss one of the judges comments: “The teams had to consider a lot of things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do in their day-to-day training, and it was interesting to see how they all adopted different approaches to the challenge. They were surprisingly competitive which made their teamworking skills all the stronger.”

Finally, Steve Palmer said: “All the apprentices embraced the challenge and the opportunities it offered to demonstrate their newly acquired skills since joining MGTS, including design, problem-solving, manufacturing and time-management. The final race day generated a lot of excitement in the Centre with all Heat winners vying for the title of Overall winner with the furthest travelled car.”

Congratulations to the winning team members whose car travelled 7.75 metres!

  • Sohail Ahmed & Harvey Heatley of Fine Lady Bakeries
  • Taylor Kirkman and Connor Watson of Molson Coors
You can view the teams and their car creations here.