Dagne Edmunds has been able to join his father at the family business after recently completing his engineering apprenticeship with MGTS. Dagne trained for 4 years to become a CAD Engineer, following the Technical Support Pathway of a Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering apprenticeship and joins SJE Engineering in Coventry producing parts for niche blue chip companies.

Dagne comments: “I thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship. MGTS took engineering to the basics, ensuring that everyone was completely confident with what they were doing. The staff and Tutors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Having previously had a poor experience with another provider I believe that MGTS’ training is second to none.

“Whilst training at MGTS I also gained a HNC qualification in engineering, which was a fantastic experience and helped me further my knowledge of engineering and project management. I feel my whole apprenticeship, both hands on and academic, has put me in a good position to succeed in my future career as an engineer.”

Lee Beesley, Dagne’s Training & Development Adviser (TDA), tells us: “Dagne was always diligent and focused on his learning. His retention of information was excellent, and he consistently strove to excel. I admired that he was willing to support other apprentices, offering his help whenever needed.”

For anyone considering an engineering apprenticeship with MGTS Dagne comments: “I discovered my apprenticeship through the MGTS website and found the application process easy to navigate. The Recruitment team were very supportive and helped me through the process of finding an apprenticeship that was tailored to what I wanted to do. The guidance and support of my TDA was invaluable. He ensured that I worked to the best of my ability, giving clear examples of where I could achieve the learning objectives within company. I feel proud to call myself an MGTS apprentice and a trained engineer.”

Congratulations Dagne!