We have an outstanding number of young people that develop as engineers through MGTS, of which many gain promotion and rise through the ranks within their companies. This is testament to the successful tri-partnership between MGTS, the employer and of course the apprentice.

We were delighted to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our Redditch apprentices at our Awards Evening on 31 January.

The nominees and winners are as follows:

Most Improved Apprentice of the Year

Nominees: Harry Keen – Thorlux Lighting / Olivia Jones – PSA / Michael Clarke – RICOR

Winner: Harry Keen – Thorlux Lighting

Harry made a relatively slow start to his training year, recording grades of just above average. After being encouraged to achieve his potential and recognising the opportunity presented to him by Thorlux Lighting we began to see a new focussed, engaged and committed Harry shine through. He performed exceptionally well for the remainder of the training year, consistently achieving the highest of grades.

Apprentices Apprentice of the Year

Nominees: Daniel Wild – Heller Machine Tools / Stephanie Rose – Howard S Cooke  / Mehnaz Akhtar – Ricor

Winner: Stephanie Rose – Howard S Cooke

Stephanie is held in high regard amongst her peers. She is always willing to offer support or advice and is viewed as a generally lovely person, willing to go the extra mile. Stephanie applied herself extremely well throughout the year, demonstrating an excellent work ethic and a will to succeed.

Greencore Apprentice of the Year

Nominees: Kyle Morris – Atherstone / Damian Malkiewicz– Boston / Aldrin Mendonca – Park Royal / Harvill Brown – Bow

Winner: Damian Malkiewicz

Damien has performed exceptionally well on this challenging delivery model. He has a calm considered approach to all that he undertakes. His demeanor towards staff and his peers is always polite and respectful, offering help and support to others wherever he can. Damian has grasped the concept of new engineering disciplines and techniques well, but more importantly has been able to apply these new skills to his training to achieve an excellent standard of work.

FDEM Apprentice of the Year

Nominiees: Norbert Dylo – Princes, Erith / Bradley Diem – Morrisons, Wakefield / Jazmin Levy – Morrisons, Spalding

Winner: Bradley Diem – Morrisons

Bradley is exceptionally focused in his approach. He demonstrates a positive attitude, remains enthusiastic and motivated at all times. He has good attention to detail, which then translates into producing workmanship of the highest quality. His ability to maintain this high level of dedication and commitment is a credit it to him and he will undoubtedly flourish as the programme unfolds to become an excellent engineer within Morrisons.

Overall First Year Apprentice of the Year

Nominees: Stephanie Rose – Howard S Cooke / Daniel Wild – Heller Machine Tools / James Hyett – Optimec

Winner: Daniel Wild – Heller Machine Tools

Daniel has a fantastic approach to his apprenticeship and the opportunity that Heller have given him. He is dedicated, enthusiastic, motivated and fully understands what is expected of him. His positive attitude and overall application is excellent and he has an eye for the attention detail required to produce work of the highest order. Daniel has remained fully engaged from day one and he has been a pleasure to teach and train.

BTEC 1st Year Apprentice of the Year – Winner: Stephanie Rose – Howard S Cooke

Stephanie is a pleasure to teach. She is inquisitive, willing to participate in sessions and has a genuine passion for engineering and a desire to learn – she even insisted on the tutor live streaming her classes over Zoom when she was off with covid! Stephanie is an excellent learner who is willing to put in the effort and hard work required to achieve the highest grades. She received Distinctions across the board for her first year subjects and is on target to get distinctions for her year 2 BTEC subjects.

BTEC Programme Apprentice of the Year – Winner: Daniel Paine – Thorlux Lighting

It is a real pleasure to be able to present Daniel with this award in recognition of his quiet and methodical approach to his studies. He achieved a Distinction overall on his BTEC Diploma excelling in every subject he undertook. Daniel is passionate about continuing to study at a higher level, especially in electrical/electronic engineering and is now studying for his HNC.

HNC Programme Student of the Year – Winner: Sibtain Syed – Bromford Industries

When sibtain was first an apprentice at MGTS he was allocated  to the lower maths ability group. Four and a half years later he received a Merit overall for his HNC. Sibtain excelled in Engineering Design, Renewable Energy and Quality where he achieved Distinctions. Well done Sibtain – we are sure your work ethic will stand you in great stead going forward.

Mentor Recognition

Those employers that achieve the greatest success with apprenticeship programmes are those that have dedicated staff who work with and manage the apprenticeship training plan at site. We are delighted to recognise and celebrate the efforts of two Mentors for their dedication to their apprentices:

  • Martyn Muddyman – Ingersoll Rand
  • Sam Sheen – Thorlux Lighting

Congratulations to all the winners!

Photography: Dave Warren – Picture Team