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Non-smokers have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Current and future legislation aims to protect employees in all workplaces from the ill-health associated with smoking.

From the summer of 2007, it will be illegal for employers in England and Wales to continue with current practice such as allowing employees, visitors or customers to smoke in “smoking rooms”, or segregate smokers and non-smokers within the building.

This policy complies with the legislation of the “Health Bill” in England and Wales. All aspects of this policy apply to all staff at all levels, visitors and customers.

The Chief Executive is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of this policy. Line Managers are responsible for the day to day compliance with this policy.

A “smoking shelter” is provided for smokers who wish to smoke during working hours. It is important that MGTS present an appropriate public perception. Therefore, smoking is not allowed outside the front of the building. Consideration will be given to the amount of time employees are allowed away from their work to smoke. Colleagues may feel it is unfair if smokers get more breaks.

It is the responsibility of Managers, Tutors and Reception Staff to bring this policy to the attention of visitors and customers. In the event of a visitor or customer not complying with this policy, then a Manager will be requested to resolve the issues in question.

Employees with company vehicles are also required, by law, to display a ‘no smoking’ sign in their vehicle.

Employee non-compliance with this policy is considered to be misconduct and will be considered in accordance with the Disciplinary Procedure.

David Bridgens
Chief Executive
Reviewed:September 2020