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Mobile Phone

August 2021


It is recognised that mobile phones play an important role in our lives but their use at MGTS should follow agreed rules and guidelines to prevent inappropriate behaviour.

Increasing sophistication of mobile device technology presents a number of issues for MGTS:

  • The inherent dangers associated due to the integration of cameras and media players leading to safeguarding and data protection issues
  • The potential use of mobile phones during the training day thus causing disruption
  • The increasing need to protect from any invasion of privacy or harassment associated with the misuse of phones


Learners are permitted to bring mobile phones into MGTS.  However, if they choose to do so it is on the understanding that they agree with the following limitations on its use:

  • Learners are permitted to bring mobile phones into MGTS, but they are not permitted to be used during training sessions unless specifically sanctioned by their trainer/lecturer. They can, however, be used during designated break and lunch times.
  • No learner may take a mobile phone into a room or other area where examinations/assessments are taking place.
  • The security of the phone will remain the learner’s responsibility.
  • If a learner needs to be contacted for employer, family or medical reasons this can be done through the main MGTS telephone number:  024 7663 0333.

Unacceptable Use

MGTS will consider any of the following to be unacceptable use of the mobile phone resulting in sanctions being taken:

  • A mobile phone should never be used to make voice recordings or take photographs of other learners or of a member of staff.
  • Bullying, harassing or intimidating staff or learners by the use of text, e-mail or multimedia messaging, sending inappropriate messages or posts to social networking or blogging sites.
  • Refusing to switch a phone off or handing over the phone at the request of a member of staff.
  • Using the mobile phone outside MGTS hours to intimidate or upset staff and learners will be considered a breach of these guidelines in the same way as unacceptable use which takes place in MGTS time.


Learners are notified that appropriate action will be taken against those who are in breach of the acceptable use guidelines. In addition:

  • Learners should be very clear that MGTS is within its rights to confiscate the phone where the guidelines have been breached [see section on Confiscation Procedure].
  • If a phone is confiscated MGTS will make it clear for how long this will be and the procedure to be followed for its return.
  • Learners should be aware that the police will be informed if there is a serious misuse of the mobile phone where criminal activity is suspected.
  • If a learner commits an act which causes serious harassment, alarm or distress to another learner or member of staff the ultimate sanction may be dismissal.  MGTS will consider the impact on the victim of the act in deciding the sanction and parents will be involved.


If a mobile phone is confiscated:

  • The learner will be informed that the phone can be collected at the end of the training day from the Centre Lead.
  • The confiscation will be recorded in the MGTS behaviour log for monitoring purposes.
  • MGTS will ensure that confiscated equipment is stored in such a way that it is returned to the correct person.
  • Where a learner persistently breaches the guidelines, following a clear warning, the Centre Lead may impose an outright ban from bringing a mobile phone to MGTS. This may be a fixed period or permanent ban.

Where the phone has been used for an unacceptable purpose

  • In instances of a breach of policy MGTS will carry out an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.
  • MGTS will report the incident to the MGTS safeguarding designated person.

David Bridgens
Chief Executive
Reviewed: August 2021

This policy will be subject to regular review and updating in order to ensure that the personal safety of learners and MGTS staff is protected and that the learning environment is not disturbed by current or emerging technology.