Skills 4 Growth Coventry & Warwickshire
05 Apr 2017 Kim Biggins

Skills 4 Growth Coventry & Warwickshire

Coventry and Warwickshire Skills 4 Growth will support eligible SMEs to improve skills amongst their workforce in the following areas:

  • Engineering and Technical 
  • Leadership & Management

A range of Level 2 qualifications and units of accreditation have been developed to enable employees to develop and demonstrate competence in a range of engineering and technical roles:

Fabrication and Welding
The qualification covers manual welding; MMA, TIG and MMA processes. Sheet metal plate work covers 3mm or less and 3mm and more.

Engineering Maintenance and Installation
This qualification involves the skills and knowledge needed for occupations in engineering maintenance, including the ability to organise work and identify and prevent problems.

Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering (MME)
MME covers the operation of lathes, milling machines and CNC machines. The units provide a framework to address skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of manufacturing engineering activities.

Performing Manufacturing Operations (PMO)
PMO is designed to enable employees to develop and demonstrate occupational competence in manufacturing activities specific to their job role.

Cost - £830; funding of 50% of cost available for eligible companies.

This 6 day release programme has been developed to focus on the core aspect of the team leader role, function and responsibility as well as developing practical motivational and day-to-day leadership activities.

Course Outline:

  • Developing yourself as a team leader
  • Developing the work team
  • Understanding leadership
  • Leading your work team
  • Understanding effective team working
  • Improving performance of the work team
  • Planning and monitoring work
  • Setting team objectives
  • Workplace communication
  • Understanding conflict management in the workplace
  • Maintaining health, safety and environment in the workplace

Cost - £1068; funding of 50% of cost available for eligible companies


A range of Level 3 specific topic units are available. The single topic sessions include:

  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • Managing team performance
  • Principles of leadership and management
  • Principles of people management
  • Implementing change
  • Managing a project
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Managing conflict within a team

Cost - £400; funding of 50% of cost available for eligible companies

Call us today on 024 7663 0333 to discuss your requirements and eligibility.

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