Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts talks of her experience as an Engineering Apprentice with Alcester based Seco Tools, a leading global supplier of complete machining solutions to the metal-cutting industry.

“Although my favourite subject at school was Geography, I knew I wanted a career that was practical and hands on. I had spent many weeks during school holidays working at my dad’s manufacturing company and really enjoyed it, so engineering felt like the natural choice for me.

I am now in the second year of my apprenticeship and feeling very happy with my decision, especially as I am being paid to learn. There have been times when I have found things challenging, in particular the Maths study for the BTEC qualification, but I am pleased to say that I passed my first year with a Merit.

The training at Seco Tools involves working my way around all of the different departments within the Production Unit, allowing me a greater understanding of the whole process. The team are very supportive and as my mentor has been through the apprenticeship programme at MGTS too, I am also benefiting from his experience.

People will often ask me if engineering is a dirty job and this was one of my concerns when I first considered it as a career. The reality couldn’t be more different…at Seco Tools, you could eat your lunch off the factory floor!”

Pictured: Emma Roberts receiving her award for ‘Most Improved Apprentice of the Year 2016’ from Lee Weatherly, CEO of MGTS.